Excellence Installation Technology®

Achieve your aspirational goals by overcoming your limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, behaviours and habits, in compressed time®


Our partnership with A&H

Excellence Installation Technology® (EIT) is a framework developed by Antano and Harini (A&H). Renergetics Consulting has partnered with A&H to bring EIT to the corporate world to transform lives and help organisations achieve their organisational goals in compressed time®.

What is Excellence Installation Technology®?

The art of reverse-engineering the strategic adjustments in your Personal self – in terms of capabilities, beliefs, behaviors, patterns of thinking, and making those specific changes happen in a way that they become innate and natural to you – is Excellence Installation Technology®.

It’s a framework that allows for precise diagnosis of what needs to happen now, in order for you to make that next big leap in your life, most importantly, carving a unique trajectory for you.

The installations you need now is different from the installations you need 3 months from now, 6 months from now. It’s a journey of building superior capabilities, and adding layers of depth to each of those capabilities that allow you to perform, think and connect like a genius.


How does EIT work?

We use EI Technology - the wisdom to figure out the smallest shift that will completely change an individual’s life, business, health or relationships.

These shifts/adjustments can be getting over specific emotional patterns, behaviours, habits. Or they may be missing capabilities that need to be built for the individual in question.

We do “installation" of those adjustments using storytelling & metaphors (even in seemingly casual conversations) as well as New Code NLP patterning.

This enables us to compress time®, and help individuals and organisations achieve their aspirational goals. 

Overcome limiting beliefs, Develop superior capabilities and Accelerate your performance!

Excellence Installation Technology®, EIT®, compressed time® are all trademarks owned by Antano and Harini. All other trademarks cited herein are the property of their respective owners.


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