The Proven Science to Achieve what you want in your Relationships, Health, Career, Business, and Finance. (Even if traditional approaches have not worked for you)


Exclusive Presentation with Jessica Sajan & Subramanian Narayan

(Founders of Neurogetics, a neuroscience-based approach to achieving Human Excellence )

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What You Will Learn?

  1. Why approaching traditional solutions including self-help books, counselling, therapy, or even Spirituality won’t create a permanent transformation

  2. How to embrace change at a neurological level and release yourself from the emotional trauma that’s been dictating how you feel

  3. How can Neurogetics help you rewrite your story and empower you to achieve immediate breakthroughs that have a short- & long-term impact on the key aspects of your life?

Experience your life trajectory shift from despair to hope, from being stuck to accelerated growth, from broken trust to rebuilding/building trusting relationships, emotional freedom and financial growth

I want to know more

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