Transforming people, culture and organisations in compressed timeĀ®.

Trusted Insights

Make the right decisions with forward-thinking insights, and robust metrics and data.

Strategic Advice

Cut through the noise with one-on-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most.

Practical Tools

Turn strategy into execution and results with actionable tools drawn from a network of experts.

We help companies and start-ups become champions in their respective fields, while accelerating value creation, enabling them to achieve their goals in compressed time®. 

Harness Unique Expertise

Successfully delivering on your top priorities means making the right decisions in a complex and uncertain business environment. Our experts provide you a variety of insights, tools and personalized guidance to help you focus your efforts, move quickly and confidently address emerging business challenges.

Strengthening Organizational Capabilities

Organisations need to continuously enhance existing capabilities while building and strengthening new ones to remain ahead of the curve.

Building Trust within the Organisation

Successful organizations are determined by the quality and depth of trust within the workplace and between individuals. Discover how to leverage trust and to build for growth.

Delivering Results in Compressed TimeĀ®

We help organisations organisations develop new capabilities, using  Excellence Installation Technology®,  making precise and strategic changes, delivering results in compressed time®.

Industry Recognition

Our Experts

Subramanian Narayan

Co-Founder / Managing Director 

Jessica Sajan

Co-Founder / Director


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