Happiness is doing what

you love and loving what you do.


Are you confused about which career path to choose?                                                                       

Do you want to study abroad? 

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Happiness is doing what you love and loving what you do.


Are you confused about which career path suits you best?                                                                       

Do you want to study abroad?

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Career Counselling - How we make a difference?


Comprehensive Psychometric Assessments:

Every child/individual is unique. Making the right career choice, finding your sweet spot is key to a successful and fulfilling career you love and enjoy long term. To help you get there, we leverage psychometric assessments designed by renowned Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Dr Chinu Agrawal, PhD. We carry out an in depth analysis of your unique strengths, interest, values, personality,skills and abilities to draw out an exhaustive list of career paths you can choose from.

Continued Support:
Our relationship does not end with the first 3 sessions where you find your top career paths. We are happy to extend continued support to give you clarity and mid- course correction where required.

Holistic Approach and Psychological Support:

We follow a holistic approach to career counselling, understanding the unique need of each child/individual. Where required we also provide additional psychological support through our Psychotherapist and Neurogetics Specialists to overcome stress, limiting beliefs, behaviors, challenges which may be roadblocks to unlocking your full potential.


Our Career Counselling and Study Abroad - Who is this for?


  • Any young person looking for help in deciding what to study, or what to do in the next step of their professional life.
  • Students above Class 9 / Class 10 deciding which stream to take.
  • Students of Class 11/ 12 to decide the exams and degrees to pursue.
  • Students who need college application assistance.
  • College graduates who want to know what they need to pursue in post graduation.
  • Post graduates who need help to choose which career option is best for them.
  • Working individuals looking for a change of career path or looking at entrepreneurship.


How We Find Your Sweet Spot



Career Counselling Process

Step 1: Introductory online video session. 
Step 2: Online Assessment ( Four psychometric and skills & abilities).
Step 3: Discussing all possible career options based on assessment results.
Step 4: Research and finalising the best career options.
Step 5: Discussing the best career pathway through detailed reports.

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People benefitted. 


People coached/counselled 



Want To Study Abroad?

We provide mentoring services to help you plan, prepare, apply and qualify with the right college  to achieve your aspirations and career dreams. 

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Study Abroad - Our Services 

We help students plan their education at International schools, universities or postgraduate levels with personalized guidance and mentoring. Based on their career choices, we help them apply to universities abroad.

To best support our client needs, we have specific focus areas for the following categories:

  • 9th - 10th
  • 11th-12th
  • Undergraduates/Post-Graduates

We have specialized coaching for each category

Mentoring Services

Some of our services include

  • SAT/ACT Planning
  • Resume planning and building
  • Time Management
  • Writing Skills Development
  • Art Portfolio Development and Advice
  • Course Choices

College Application Assistance

  • College List: Develop a college list based on academic performance, interest and selection of courses.
  • Essays: the difference-makers: Essays are a key factor in college admissions. However, students find this extremely challenging. Our experts help students with smart structuring and editing of essays. (Note* we do not write essays for students.)
  • Financial aid and Scholarship: Guidance on financial aid application and scholarships.
  • Choosing a College: Upon receiving college acceptances, we help you decide the best fit as per your needs and interest.
  • Interview Prep: University interviews are important,  we will help you put your best foot forward & position yourself strongly.
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Some of Our College Placements  


Our Experts



                                Sajan Moideen



                       Aishwarya Subramanian


"When your passion, personality, prowess & perseverance come together,

a great career is born"


-Sajan Moideen


Career Counselling

What We Offer

  • Minimum three Online Video Calls
  • 5 Psychometric Assessments 
  • Minimum 32 Page Detailed Report 
  • Clarity On Stream /Exams/ Grad / Post-Grad / Certifications
  • Continuous Support
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Study Abroad

What We Offer

  • College Application planning and assistance 
  • Resume Planning and Assistance
  • SAT/ACT planning
  • College Essay Guidance
  • Bi-weekly contact in person or via video calls
  • Continuous Support
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Happy parents/clients speaking straight from their heart.


Arsh Misra

"I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful assistance you provided me regarding my choice of career and future prospects. It was truly enriching and I certainly have much more clarity than I had before. I thank you again."

Tahira Sharda

"Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me out so much. You really made it easier for me to get through the college applications. Your motivation in me kept me going! Thanks once again."

Sonia Mathew

"I still can't seem to get around the fact that a few written tests can reveal so much about a person's nature. I thank you for holding up a mirror for her so that she could look into herself analytically. And being her mother I can confidently say that 99.9% of your analysis was right on target."

Sreedevi G

"These sessions have been extremely helpful for us. We are now able to sketch my daughters path perfectly as we are pretty sure on how to go further. Thanks a ton"

Col Bhushan

"Seeing the level of satisfaction of my eldest daughter, my younger one too took the counseling sessions. It was impressive to see the level of patience, commitment and professional handling that has given my daughters the clarity and confidence for their future careers"

Dweipayan Das

"It was not only a great experience for our daughter but for us parents as well. I see a spark in her eyes and belief in herself after the third and fourth sessions."

Ruchira J

My Daughter’s options are now more clear, and she can now prioritise and focus in the right direction. And we now have a better understanding of her psychological build-up, which was very necessary with a person like her, who weighs every word before speaking even with us.


Mrs Geeta P

"Thank you so much for all the guidance and help for my son's college applications. Without your help and patience, we would not have been able to get admissions into the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign!"

Brig Binuraj

"Thank you very much for your valuable sessions which has cleared his mind quite a bit. He is now sure of which subjects to pursue after 10th. Having got the counseling from you, I have now first hand experience for both my sons in boosting their confidence and focusing on right direction." 

Shridhar K

My son was a little apprehensive at first. But now, his confidence level is much higher. Also he had got rusted a bit  due to inaction during this Covid lockdown. So this interaction has put the energy back in him and has now started thinking about his career again. I must admit that the counselling was very professional and extremely focused. We were happy with this process. It was more than a value for money for us.

Dr. Navneet Sharma

"When my son contacted you he was really in a very confused state of mind. I was scared that he may go into depression.  After talking to you he could open his heart to us and to himself also. I feel that I have got my son back. He's actually come back to life. Thank you for that."

Aryaman Singh

"Thank you so much ma'am for your help and support. The college application process was less stressful with you around. I can't imagine getting into the University of Toronto without your support. Once again a big thank you, this has made my day!!"



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